Tickets On Sale Now!

The Ponder Conference is offering 3 Ticket Types:

Click on the green circle to select the ticket type you would like to purchase.  You can add more than one type to your cart. If you would like your husband or boyfriend to attend the Underwriter Dinner (yay!) you will need to add an "Underwriter Dinner Only" ticket to your purchase. Thank you for coming!

Ticket Type 1: Ponder Conference ONLY: $75

Ticket Type 2: Conference AND Underwriter Dinner: $125

For those looking for that something extra, we will host an Underwriter’s Dinner on Friday, June 5th, providing guests an opportunity meet the Ponder Team and Speakers, in an enchanting setting, under the stars. Guests are welcome to come solo or to invite their significant other to join for an evening of great food, signature cocktails and excellent company! Please note, if you are bringing a guest, you will need to include a "Dinner Only" ticket in your cart. Thank you!

Ticket Type 3: Underwriter Dinner Only $55:

You may purchase an Underwriter Dinner ticket if you are unable to attend the conference or would like to invite your significant other.

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The Ponder Conference is an annual gathering of women in Northern California, designed to foster a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, in imitation of our Most Admirable Mother, and in communion with other women of faith.

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